Meet Your Neighbors



We must count on one another as friends.


A circle cannot be broken when we all have a common cause to remain safe and build a better neighborhood for families and friends.  Areas are encouraged to get together and have meetings, social events, or have a group effort to help meet your neighbors.   You can have an Ice Cream Social, Bring The Best  Pie Contest, Group Yard Sales, or BBQs anything that will unite your area.  There are many things you can do with your neighbors.

  • First and Foremost Learn All About Neighborhood Watch then invite a few of your close friends in your neighborhood to your home to discuss why you think a neighborhood watch is beneficial for your neighborhood.
  • Get a grass roots movement going to get out the word.
  • Hold a launch meeting at a local gathering place like a community rec center, library, neighborhood clubhouse, or even your home.
  • Promote your group with flyers, door-to-door visits, and a Facebook page or other social media resource.
  • Contact local law enforcement and invite an officer to come to the launch meeting to provide tips about what makes neighborhood watch successful, how to spot suspicious behavior, and what to do if something happens.