7. Porch Lights Unite

Turn your porch light on from dusk till dawn every night.

Make your neighborhood feel safer and more welcoming to residents who are walking in the evening.

Crime tends to decline in well-lit areas.

Encourage your neighbors to turn on their porch lights and make it a daily routine.

Crime tends to decline in neighborhoods that are well-lit. Turning on porch lights is a simple way to start this process. It also makes the street feel more welcome to good residents who are out for a walk in the evening. This also communicates a higher level of caring for the neighborhood by residents. This can become a daily routine or it can be accomplished by installing a timer. It is also immediate — if you’re waiting for the installation of a new streetlight, you can go ahead and add a little more light yourself. Then encourage other neighbors to do the same.

Want to conserve energy and money

while you’re adding to your home and neighborhood safety?