2. Report Nuisances

Report: abandoned cars, or garbage dumped in a vacant lot, empty buildings not being maintained, graffiti and other nuisances, junked cars on front lawns, abandoned autos in the streets, old mattresses left to rot away in a backyard, garbage dumped illegally in a vacant lot.

When you find yourself thinking, “someone ought to do something,” do something. Call code enforcement, non-emergency numbers, landlords, residents, local business owners, or any other person or agency that may have an influence on the issue.

Then call your neighbors and ask those who are also concerned about the issue to call and report as well. Then keep calling until the issue is resolved.

Blight identification and removal: View this image that illustrates the types of neighborhood blight that are in violation of the City of Tacoma’s Nuisance Code, and click here to see an overview of the nuisance code and suggestions on how to keep your property in tip-top shape.