Self Defense

self-defenseYes, it can happen to you. You can be robbed, raped, or killed while in the safety of your own home or away from home by an intruder or by someone you know and trust. The less cautious you are, the more vulnerable you become. You are armed with your best weapon: good old common sense and judgment. If it doesn’t feel right don’t do it. Use your intuition. Don’t ignore the warning signs, such as body language.  Think about the situation you are putting yourself in.

Play what-if games.  “If this happens to me what will I do”?  The more you practice something, the quicker you are to react to it. If you become the victim of a crime, if you saw a criminal act, or if you see suspicious circumstances report it to your local law enforcement agency.  One of the better websites on this subject is Crime Safety Security for Women. 

Trust that 6th sense or intuition that sometimes guides you.

Resources for Sexual Violence

Monterey County Rape Crisis Center
The Monterey County Rape Crisis Center (MCRCC) is a nonprofit agency whose mission is to advocate for all victims and survivors of sexual assault and child sexual abuse, to prevent sexual violence in our community through education, and to provide ongoing support and healing to survivors of sexual assault.

California Coalition Against Sexual Assault
The CALCASA site includes CA sexual violence legislation and statistics, an alphabetical listing, by county, of Rape Crisis Centers in California, “14 Ways You Can Stop Rape Today,” and a “Men’s Pledge to End Rape.”

National Sexual Violence Resource Center
The NSVRC site includes: a list of publications, press releases, sexual violence statistical and research information, links to state coalitions, links to national and allied organizations, medical and legal links, an extensive bibliography, and it highlights “Sexual Assault Awareness Month.”

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
The NCADV site includes a series of questions and answers (“What is Battering?” “Why Do Men Batter Women?” “Why Do Women Stay?” and “Predictors of Domestic Violence”), guidelines for starting a shelter, information on Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the “Remember My Name” campaign, a reading list, and a state coalition list with contact information.

RAIIN: Rape, Abuse & Incest International Network
The RAINN site includes a search engine for rape crisis centers by zip code, information on rape drugs, campus rape, statistics, a list of books suggested by survivors, which includes several memoirs, and answers to the questions, “What should I do if I am sexually assaulted?” “How can I help a friend who has been sexually assaulted?” “What can I do to reduce my risk of sexual assault?”

V-Day: Until the Violence Stops
The V-Day site: provides the history of v-day, includes a violence glossary, v-campaigns to raise awareness, success stories written by “real” people, and ways to “take action.”


Reading Sources.

VAWnet VAWnet includes countless resources: links to media news articles, materials for presentations, links to relevant sites, and lists of “physical library collections.”

Women’s Rural Advocacy Programs
The site includes links to survivor stories and several issues of the “Let’s WRAP” newsletter.


Resources for Self-defense.

The Association for Women’s Self-Defense Advancement AWSDA began with the realization that the needs of women in terms of self-defense were not being met. Founded in 1990, AWSDA is a grass-roots, non-profit, tax-exempt (501-C-3), educational organization dedicated to furthering women’s awareness of self-defense and rape prevention. AWSDA is an international organization, which is run by an executive board with headquarters located in Lindenhurst, Long Island, New York.

Women’s Self-defense Institute The mission at Women’s Self-defense Institute is simple – empowering you to fight back against crime. How? By providing you with training and education in Awareness, Prevention, Risk Reduction, Risk avoidance, and Self-realization of your own
physical power.

AWARE: Arming Women Against Rape & Endangerment The site points out that while “AWARE stands for Arming Women Against Rape and Endangerment” individuals should not “interpret the word ‘arming’ too literally.” Instead, the site notes that “arming” merely “implies that one can (and indeed should) be armed with courage, spirit, knowledge, and determination, whether or not one is armed with an extrinsic weapon.” The site includes self-protection and stalking quizzes, a list of tools and techniques available to women for self-defense, and an extensive bibliography.

National Women’s Martial Arts Federation The site includes tips for choosing a martial arts school, schools affiliated with the NWMAF, and links to relevant sites.

Many YouTube Videos for women’s self-defense.

YouTube has many videos about self-defense for everyone.

Hand-to-hand combat training shows striking points: DISCLAIMER BELOW:


IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Please use extreme caution when practicing all the moves you observe in the videos or from the outside links. Remember that with the right amount of force, you can severely hurt somebody. These techniques are to be used for self-defense purposes only. All self-defense moves and tips are to be used at your own risk