School Watch

The Youth of our Community are our future leaders. They have a very fresh perspective about what they are interested in when it comes to crime prevention. We highly recommend they join a Neighborhood Watch in their neighborhood.  They also have a great opportunity to organize a School Watch. Stand Up and Start a School Watch Today.

It only takes one person to start a school watch. A concerned adult might talk to students about the idea. A group of students may be fed up with bullying or intimidation. An especially violent incident at or near school might have everyone wondering how to stop violence from happening again. A youth might realize that crime, though not a major threat, needs to be addressed before it becomes a problem.

View the DOJ’s Guidelines for a School Watch

adminAn organized school watch program provides youth with a focus, a source of reliable information, and a core of committed youth who will make crime prevention a priority in the school community. The crime watch reminds everyone of prevention strategies they can use and helps build schoolwide resistance to criminal activities.

Having such a group on campus says “Crime is not tolerated here” and provides a way for students to respond to crime incidents and issues.

You may wonder if a school crime watch really reduces crime. At Carol City High School in Miami, FL, crime dropped 45 percent within a year of the beginning of a school crime watch program.

Just as communities work together to prevent crime with “Neighborhood Watch” programs, local residents can mobilize to make schools safer. Such mobilization efforts target community residents without school-aged children. It is essential to communicate to this critical group that they do have direct as well as indirect relationships to local schools. Public opinion polls suggest that the more citizens are involved in schools, the more likely people are to have a favorable opinion of schools.