If you are the victim of a crime go to court every time the suspects go before a judge. This applies to both adults and juveniles.  Talk to the District Attorney who is prosecuting your case.  Give them a letter to give to the judge about your feelings.  Speak to the victim’s advocate for support.  Show everyone you care about justice for the victim.

Track The Suspect’s Court Dates On-Line

National Center For Victims

National Organization For Victims Assistance

Victim Rights Law Center

Monterey County Victim Witness Assistance Web Page.

Victim Witness Assistance Program

Victim Witness Assistance Program #58
230 Church Street, Modular #3
Post Office Box 1131
Salinas, California 93902
Phone-(831) 755-5072
Fax-(831) 755-5003

District Attorney’s Office Locations

Salinas Office
230 Church Street, Bldg. 2 & 3
Salinas, CA  93901
P.O. Box 1131
Salinas, CA  93902

Phone:  831-755-5070
Fax:   831-755-5068 (Bldg. 3)
831-796-3389 (Bldg. 2)

Monterey Office
1200 Aguajito Road, Room 301
Monterey, CA  93940

Phone:  831-647-7770
Fax:  831-647-7762

King City Office
250 Franciscan Way
King City, CA  93930

Phone:  831-385-8325
Fax:  831-385-8365