Why & Who to Call

NeighborsReportCrimesJPGDid you know that 9 out of every 10 arrests are made because of a neighborhood tip?

The following list of suspicious activities highlights only a few of the many suspicious acts criminals do every day. You will not be in trouble if you call the police about something suspicious. Before you call be sure to be prepared by reading this Suspicious Activity Check List.  At the very least, make your neighbors aware of the situation so they can watch too.

  • Anyone looking in a car or home;
  • Anyone forcibly entering a car or home;
  • Someone running from a home or business;
  • Someone carrying a weapon;
  • Someone screaming;
  • An unknown adult talking to children, offering them candy or gifts or asking them for help;
  • Someone who does not belong in the area;
  • A person walking in the neighborhood with items which could be stolen;
  • Anyone ringing your doorbell or knocking on your door without a reasonable explanation;
  • Persons loitering around a schoolyard or park;
  • Strange vehicles parked in your area for several hours;
  • A clean automobile with dirty or damaged registration tags;
  • Groups of people loitering or walking through your neighborhood;

Describing a  Suspect Check List when calling the Police Department.

  • Gender: This may not be obvious (e.g., male, female, unknown or disguised);
  • Ethnicity: Describe a person’s most readily-visible features instead of race (e.g., hair, nose, lips and skin color);
  • Age: Use a range of 10 years (e.g., 35 – 45 years);
  • Height: Use a range of 4 inches (e.g., 5’10” – 6’2″);
  • Weight: Use a range of 30 pounds (e.g., 150 – 180 lbs.);
  • Hair color: Use a range of light to dark (e.g., dark blond to light brown); and
  • Eye color: Use a range of light to dark (e.g., light-colored to dark-colored, unless you can actually determine the color).

Use these two forms.  Click to open them and then print them.


Report a Crime Anonymously

We Tip Hotline

If you want to anonymously report gang activity, crimes of violence or any other crime, call WeTip at 1-800-782-7463 (1-800-78-CRIME). Your call to WeTip is totally confidential — you never have to give your name or other information about you. Your phone conversation is not recorded or traced. You can also call these numbers for additional types of crime:

1-800-47-ARSON (1-800-472-7766)

1-800-47-DRUGS (1-800-473-7847)

1-800-US-FRAUD (1-800-873-7283)

When you call WeTip, you will be speaking with a live operator. Because WeTip is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can call anytime, day or night. There are bilingual operators available as well.


Remember, if you are reporting any in-progress crime you should always call 911.