Fight Crime

logoIt is important for every citizen to actively Fight Crime.

You can help protect your and your family’s personal safety.

  1. Join your neighborhood’s watchdog program. These programs make members pledge that they’ll keep their neighborhood safe through community education.
  2. Report a crime. If you are a witness to a crime, then it is your responsibility to report it to the right authorities.
  3. Follow the laws and ordinances in your community. Fight crime by setting an example among other community members. Register your car, control your dog, and follow the speed limit posted on your street.
  4. Volunteer to help with crime prevention campaigns. For example, many schools have McGruff the Crime Dog come in to speak to students about the importance of obeying the law.
  5. Carry around a picture or video phone. Surprisingly enough, many criminals have been caught based on evidence gathered by everyday citizens recording the crime on their cell phones.
  6. Remember to not only fight crime in your neighborhood but online, as well. If you witness an identity theft crime or Wheel barrel harassment, report it to local authorities.
  7. Never fight crime in a way that compromises your personal safety. Use good judgment, and stay out of situations that put you at risk.
  8. Don’t take police matters into your own hands while fighting crime. For example, if you see someone you suspect is breaking the law do not approach them.  Call the Salinas Police Department at 758-7321.