“Crime Fighting and Community Building work hand in hand”.  It is up to you to put the wheels in motion. We are providing the tools you need to be successful.  Neighbor and Business Watch are the same. Both need cooperation with those who live around them. Even though we have only one page for Business Watch every page applies to both.

Find others who see the need to get the word out. Everyone does not think like you so you have to find a common cause to achieve a goal.   It will not be easy because you are dealing with egos, personalities, life experiences, and diverse backgrounds that are totally different than your own. Be prepared with a good presentation about the who what why when and how to start a Neighborhood Watch to get everyone else to join.  The Salinas Police Department will help.

Having neighborhood pride and improving your neighborhood are two good reasons to start organizing. Share your ideas, thoughts, and feelings, and work cooperatively to make your neighborhood a better place to live. Having an organized neighborhood will give you a voice.  It will be an advocate to get things done. Neighborhood Watch greatly improves two-way communication between officials and its residents. Your neighborhood will have a clear, organized way to speak with one voice with a guarantee you will be heard. This website is a resource that will benefit you and your neighborhood.

2023 is the 14th anniversary of this website.  You can build a website or use social media for your organization.  All the contents on this website can be used by you without worrying about Copyright or Plagiarism.  Download and alter it to meet your needs for your Neighborhood Watch.  Please provide a link back to this website.

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